Universal Audio UAFX Max preamp and effects pedal with dual compressor (2023)

Universal Audio UAFX Max preamp and effects pedal with dual compressor

Stereo dual compressor pedal with three iconic studio guitar effects, UA 610 tube preamp and EQ, adjustable footswitches and sidechain bass filter via the UAFX Control app.

Your sound, perfect.

Built on UAFX's award-winning dual-engine processing and a burning desire for the ultimate audio experience, Max Preamp & Dual Compressor puts the colorful sound of three legendary limiters and the iconic tube preamp at your feet.

Experience iconic compression with the UA 1176

From the mind of UA founder Bill Putnam to your pedalboard, Max gives you the same FET compressor that's been used in legendary studio guitar tones for decades, whether you want to spice up your funk, add soulful sustain, or add subtle tone infusions.

Get warm tube compression with the Teletronix LA-2A. This legendary optical tube limiter provides softer, warmer dynamic control over the 1176. Plus, you can fine-tune compression with the pedal-exclusive Ratio for limiting beyond classic hardware and UAD plug-in versions.

Create funky, dirty sounds with the classic Dyna Comp*

Add a dirty squeeze of that (infamously) famous red box to your sounds for lo-fi compression and funky overdrive - perfect for grubby slide sounds.

Add the legendary UA 610 tube preamp to your setup Get the warm details and character of UA's iconic tube preamp and EQ, dialing in great sounds with the perfect amount of harmonics and grit.

A set of compressors for sounds beyond the norm With Max you can easily combine compressors in any combination for a dizzying array of sounds and textures, allowing you to push your tones forward no matter how much you push the limits.

Personalize your pedal with the mobile app

The UAFX Control app lets you adjust EQ settings, get series/parallel operation, and add a sidechain bass filter for fully customizable compression and preamp effects.

*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used only to represent effects modeled as part of the Max Preamp & Dual Compressor.

(Video) Universal Audio Max Preamp/Dual Compressor

Please note that the Max Preamp & Dual Compressor requires a modern isolated 400 mA power supply (sold separately).

Most important features

● The most authentic emulations of the classic UA 1176 compressors, Teletronix LA-2A and classic Dyna Comp compressors in one pedal

● Full emulation of the legendary 610 tube preamp and UA EQ

● Stack and stack any combination of compressors

● Adjust preamp EQ settings, configure footswitches, add a sidechain bass filter and more with the UAFX Control app

● Silent switching, buffered bypass, stereo operation


● Power requirements: isolated 9 V DC, center negative, minimum 400 mA (sold separately)

● Inputs: 2 x ¼” TS

● Outputs: 2 x ¼” TS

● USB Type-C voor pc-update

● Height: 6.5 cm (2.56 inches)

● Width: 3.62 inches (9.2 cm)

● Depth: 14.1 cm (5.55 in)

(Video) First Listen: Universal Audio MAX Preamp & Dual Compressor Pedal

● Weight: 0.567kg

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Universal Audio with Musos angle

Musos Corner is a proud authorized retailer and service provider for Universal Audio equipment.

Universal Audio was founded in California in 1958 by Bill Putnam Srconsidered the father of modern recording.

Putnam was Aenthusiastic innovatorifavorite engineer of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ray Charlesjust to name a few and is creditedthe invention of the modern recording console, multi-band equalizer and vocal booth.

Putnam wasfirst engineer to use artificial reverb in a commercial recordingand together withLes Paul was involved in the development of stereo recordings.

Through the UA, Studio Electronics and UREI brands, Putnam produced equipment that is still in use today.

Industry standards such as the LA-2A and 1176 compressors and the 610 console were used toThe Beach Boys do Van Halena.

UA was re-established in 1999 by Bill's sons for recreationclassic analog machines and inventing new digital toolswith the sound and spirit of classic analog sound.

Today is AUmarket leaderboth in providing audio solutions for the home and studio through the bundleauthentic analog emulation plug-ins, high-performance analog-to-digital converters, and iconic analog hardware models.

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