The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (2023)

Affordable, high-quality audio interfaces for Audacity.

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (1)

Unlike some of the competing DAWs, like ProTools or Sound Forge, Audacity doesn't come with a particularly rich set of features. Despite this, it still offers all the essential tools for tracking, tweaking, and mixing musical sounds.

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity

  1. Presonus Studio 24c 2x2-High quality
  2. M-Audio M-Track-Duo-Compact
  3. Focusrite Scarlett Solo-Versatile
  4. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96-high sound quality
  5. PreSonus ioStation 24c 2x2-multifunctional
  6. Focusrite Scarlett 8i6-high performance
  7. Pyle PMXU48BT.5-long service life
  8. PreSonus Studio 68c 6x6-elegant

Although Audacity has more limited functionality, it is still very popular among users due to its ease of use and open source. If you're also using this software and want to get the best audio interface available for Audacity, this post will provide you with several top-notch options along with handy tips on how to choose between them.

1. PreSonus 24c 2x2 Studio

High quality

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (2)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 3.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ High quality
  • ✚ Good tolerability
  • ✚ Compact
  • Support issues


The new PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2 USB audio interface is packed with a variety of features and capabilities, making it one of the most popular interface options for professional audio interface users. USB or Studio Series interfaces easily integrate with the most popular PreSonus Studio One software and work seamlessly with any leading Mac or Windows recording software.

With the features and reliability this professional audio interface offers, it's no wonder it's so popular. It can be connected to both MAC and PC and a wide range of recording hardware is available including Macbook, Windows, Neve, Cubase, Pro Tools, Sonar and many others. This professional audio interface can be used with both computers and laptops. Whether you're mixing or recording from your laptop or desktop, this interface has you covered. A high-quality cable connection allows for quick setup and connection, even when you need it most. One of the best features of this professional audio interface is its MIDI compatibility.

2. M-Audio M-Track-Duo


The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (4)

connectivity: USB tipo B |Protocol: USB 2.0 |resolution: 24 bits/48 kHz

  • ✚ HD recording
  • ✚ Compact and lightweight
  • ✚ Compatible with the most popular music software
  • Unreliable

psThe 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (5)

(Video) Top 7 Audio Interfaces 2022


M-Audio's M-Track Duo USB audio interface delivers high-resolution 2-channel recordings at 48kHz sample rates in a convenient and flexible format that's perfect for making music on almost any suitable Mac, PC, or iOS platform. . It is both compact and lightweight, with easy-to-reach controls and an attractive, professional finish. Perfect for recording virtually any type of audio, from vocals to guitar tones, this revolutionary interface is also ideal for mixing audio on your Mac or PC.

The M-Audio interface connects to an audio computer or laptop via USB and is compatible with the most popular music software including Logic, Cubase, Fruity Loops, ProTools, Sonar and many other recording software. The audio interface's single channel can be used to record directly to a host computer or directly to audio interface recording software such as Audacity.

3. Focusrite Scarlett Solo


The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (6)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 3.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ Versatile
  • ✚ High performance
  • ✚ Contains professional tools
  • Lost


The 3rd-generation Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface is a versatile recording interface that can handle all types of recording technology, whether it's microphones, keyboards, interfaces, or digital recording tools. With the built-in compressor, you can easily make compressed recordings.

With the compressor you can remove background noise and bring the sound closer to the front. You can also adjust the recording level and experiment with different compression settings. You can use the built-in mixer to monitor and send tracks to other programs or devices for editing.

4. PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

high sound quality

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (8)

connectivity: USB Type A |Protocol: USB 2.0 |resolution: 24 bits/96 kHz

  • ✚ Professional level
  • ✚ High sound quality
  • ✚ Comfort and versatility
  • Unreliable


(Video) Dont Buy A Cheap Audio Interface

The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 digital audio interface is a professional audio interface for connecting your iPhone or other iOS device to your computer. Perfect for use in home studios or podcasting, this sound card features a front panel with six standard sample sounds and two channels for connecting external instruments or microphones. It also features a large knurled phaser for powerful tone shaping. With its convenience and versatility, the AudioBox USB 96 ensures that professional podcasting remains the preferred method of entertaining music fans.

The PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 is a full-featured sound card that works seamlessly with all popular mobile devices, including the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Whether you want to record using your own computer or connect your phone to the audio interface with a USB cable, the PreSonus AudioBox makes it possible.

5. PreSonus ioStation 24c 2x2


The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (10)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 2.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ Affordable
  • ✚ Multifunctional
  • ✚ Easy to use
  • Support issues


PreSonus has introduced several new products recently, and one of them is the PreSonus ioStation 24c 2x2 USB audio interface. It's an inexpensive device that allows you to connect your computer to your recording studio, as well as other electronic devices you have.

(Video) Download, Install, Record & edit Using Audacity In 2022.

A USB port allows for easy transfer of data from one place to another and this can be particularly useful when working with different formats, such as . B. over MP3, AIFF or even FLAC files. This interface simplifies workflows so you can work in the studio and transfer recordings to other devices in real time.

6. Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

high performance

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (12)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 3.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ Good appearance
  • ✚ Good sound quality of the recording
  • ✚ Contains professional tools
  • ✚ High performance
  • high price


The 3rd Generation Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 USB Audio Interface is one of the most attractive, well-built, and well-constructed interfaces to be found online. The sound quality of the recording is very good, not the best we've heard, but it's a very good start. With this audio interface, you can easily record audio and then edit it in your favorite audio editing software. If you want to mix the recording, you can use the equalizer function and the monitoring section to mix it down as well.

It is a very good audio interface and we recommend it to all budding audio engineers. If you've never used a professional-grade interface and want to start recording right away, then the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 USB Audio Interface is definitely one of the best purchases you'll ever make. You'll be glad you added it to your rackmount mixing interface when it starts to catch on and you'll be recording professionally before you know it!

7. Pyle PMXU48BT.5

long service life

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (14)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 3.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ High quality
  • ✚ Extremely high sound quality
  • ✚ Intuitive user interface
  • Connection issues
  • ✚ Long service life

psThe 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (15)


(Video) Best Audio Interface UNDER 5000 ₹ || For Beginners in 2022


Pyle PMXU48BT.5 DJ Console with USB Mixer Audio Interface is a new high-quality DJ mixer with modern features for clubs and DJs. It has two outputs, which is ideal for those who need to connect the mixer to two or more devices, as well as a DJ control station. It has extremely high sound quality which is really remarkable when it comes into play with your favorite music from your collection stored on the internal hard drive.

If you are looking for the best mixer to make your party or professional performance a success, then the Pylemx U 48 BT.5 DJ console is the right choice for you. Its high-quality audio interface and durable construction ensure years of high-quality audio recording and playback. Its innovative audio interface design makes it easy for users to mix and monitor their performances. The intuitive user interface is designed to work seamlessly with modern recording and production software.

8. PreSonus Studio 68c 6x6


The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (16)

connectivity: USB Type-C |Protocol: USB 2.0 |resolution: 24 bits/192 kHz

  • ✚ Compact
  • ✚ Cue Mix A/B function
  • ✚ Elegant
  • high price


The PreSonus Studio 68C is an excellent little audio interface that doesn't make a lot of noise during the recording process, while also having features that eliminate potential problems in the recording process. In addition, this interface has a number of plugins that make the work of any professional audio engineer easier. So if you need to mix, record or mix audio, this interface will help you do it right.

The PreSonus Studio 68C comes with both a MAC and a PC version, so whether you're using your MAC or PC for your recording needs, you can use either interface. If you want to use the MAC version, you should know that the software required to use this interface is a MAC-compatible version of Audacity, a great cross-platform digital audio workstation.

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (18)

Presonus Studio 24c 2x2

High quality
  • High quality
  • good compatibility
The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (19)

M-Audio M-Track-Duo

  • high resolution recording
  • compact and lightweight
The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (20)

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

  • Versatile
  • high performance

How to choose the best audio interfaces for Audacity?

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (21)

number of channels

The 2-channel and even 1-channel models are generally powerful enough for home use when you want to record vocals and instruments back-to-back and then mix them down in Audacity. However, if you want to work with 2 or more audio sources at the same time, it is recommended to get an audio interface with at least 4 channels.

ports of entry

Most audio interfaces use mixed connectors that are compatible with XLR and 1/4-inch jacks. As they are 2-in-1 tickets, their inclusion allows the device to be reduced and the total price to be lower. They also make it easy for beginners to connect different microphones and instruments, since you don't have to worry about which sound source goes where. Note that some models, especially older ones, still have separate XLR and 1/4-inch inputs. However, each model covered in this review includes an overview of all included connectors, so you have a clear idea of ​​what you're getting when you choose the best audio interface for Audacity from this list.

The 8 Best Audio Interfaces for Audacity in 2022 (22)

Line and instrument level inputs

The question of whether a particular audio interface supports line level (low impedance) and instrument level (high impedance) sources is often ignored by beginners and is very important. The line level is aimed at keyboards and other electronic instruments, while the second is intended for guitars and basses without an active preamp. While you can use a DI box with audio interfaces that can't handle high-impedance sources, it's much more convenient to get a model that supports both levels. Ideally, if you want to record multiple types of microphones and instruments, the best audio interface for Audacity should allow manual input switching between microphone, instrument, and line sources.

Mic preamp and phantom power

1. Mic Preamp Quality

Preamps can have a dramatic effect on recorded audio, especially when using microphones. If you want to build a versatile home setup, it's a good idea to go for transparent preamps that reproduce incoming audio with the utmost precision. Most of the audio interfaces featured in this article do exactly that, but if you want a preamp that slightly changes the character of the sound, you'll find a suitable model here too.

(Video) Top 5 Free DAWs for Music Production (2022)

2. Ghosts

At some point you will admit that you need a condenser microphone for your recording sessions. Such devices typically require between 11V and 48V of phantom power to operate, so it is important to ensure that the product you are purchasing can provide the required phantom power.


What audio interface works with Audacity? ›

The perfect choice that you can make regarding audio interfaces for Audacity is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd, Gen. Audio interfaces are primarily used with microphones, but you can also use them with other audio equipment. The Audacity software works perfectly with any platform or system you work with.

What is the most reliable audio interface? ›

Best Audio Interfaces: Reviews and Recommendations
  • Best Overall: Universal Audio Apollo x8 Heritage Edition.
  • Best for Mac: Apogee Symphony Desktop.
  • Best for Home Studio: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20.
  • Best USB: Universal Audio Volt 2.
  • Best Budget: PreSonus AudioBox GO.
  • Best for Streaming: PreSonus Revelator io44.

What audio interface do professionals use? ›

Many professional studios and live sound setups use larger Focusrite Pro units as audio interfaces. The two distinct divisions (Focusrite and Focusrite Pro) produce superb audio interfaces for the hobbyist/amateur and the professional, respectively.

What is the easiest audio interface to use? ›

Best Beginner Audio Interface Options
  • Audient EVO 4. Price: $129. ...
  • MOTU 2×2. Price: $200. ...
  • PreSonus AudioBox USB 96. Price: $150. ...
  • Audient iD4 MKII. Price: $200. ...
  • Steinberg UR22C. Price: $200. ...
  • M-Audio AIR 192|4. Price: $120. ...
  • Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2. Price: $180. ...
  • Universal Audio Volt 276. Price: $300.
14 Apr 2022

What are the best plugins for Audacity? ›

Make sure to select the one that matches your computer.
  1. Chris's Dynamic Compressor. This compressor is used by many Audacity fans and has been around for longer than a decade. ...
  2. Valhalla Super Massive Reverb Plugin. ...
  3. ACX Check for Audiobooks. ...
  4. FFmpeg: Import/Export Different Audio Formats. ...
  5. MEqualizer EQ Plugin.
12 Oct 2022

Can Audacity work with an audio interface? ›

In short, you can use your Focusrite interface with Audacity, but you will only be able to use the first two inputs and outputs. As OS X's inbuilt audio driver (Core Audio) is able to support multichannel input/output, Audacity will see all inputs and outputs of any Scarlett / Saffire / Clarett interface.

Can I use an interface with Audacity? ›

Audacity includes support for Microsoft's Windows DirectSound interface protocol. To use it, select "Windows DirectSound" as host in Device Toolbar. This will give support for multi-channel recording on some sound devices, but not the very low latencies that are possible on ASIO.

Which brand has the best sound quality? ›

Here is a list of the top 10 speaker brands and the best sound system brands in the world that are bound to catch your eye.
  • BOSE: is one of the top speaker brands in the world, best known for its incredible audio systems and speakers. ...
  • SONY: ...
  • KLIPSCH: ...
  • JBL: ...
  • PIONEER: ...
  • KEF:

What is the highest quality of audio format? ›

Direct Stream Digital is an uncompressed, high-resolution audio format. These files encode sound using pulse-density modulation. They are very large, with a sample rate as much as 64 times that of a regular audio CD, so they require top-of-the-line audio systems.

How do I find a good audio interface? ›

Build quality is an important factor when it comes to choosing an audio interface and Durability, reliability and feel are the key elements that people often look for in an interface. Interfaces with a metal chassis and knobs are ideal as they stand up better to knocks and bumps.

How much is a good audio interface? ›

Audio Interfaces Between $50 – $200

That being said, you'll often find these interfaces in small project studios of musicians and hobbyists and not necessarily in high-end professional studios.

Do expensive audio interfaces make a difference? ›

The cheaper interfaces are going to provide you with more of the natural tone of your voice or instrument/amp. The more expensive interfaces are going to add more of what was described above… color, warmth, depth, etc. Another major difference is the number of inputs and outputs the interface has.

What is the industry standard audio interface? ›

24-bit is the industry standard, although some audio interfaces still record at 16-bit. The higher the bit depth, the more accurate the digital recreation of the original analog source.

What is the most popular interface? ›

  1. Audient iD4 MkII. The best audio interface for smaller budgets. ...
  2. SSL 2+ audio interface. Get 'that SSL sound' at an amazing price. ...
  3. Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen. ...
  4. Audient EVO 16. ...
  5. Universal Audio UAD Apollo Twin MkII. ...
  6. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2. ...
  7. Audient ID44 Mk II. ...
  8. Universal Audio Volt 1 & 2.
5 Nov 2022

Do better audio interfaces affect sound quality? ›

Audio interfaces do make a difference in the resulting audio. The quality of the converters is paramount for the final sound to be closer to the original analog waveform. There are many tricks you can pull off to make it sound decent, but there are no shortcuts you can take to bypass low-quality converters.

Is Clarett better than Scarlett? ›

When push comes to shove, the Clarett beats the Scarlett with higher quality mic pres, expandability and audio specs. However, the Scarlett comes at a much cheaper price point.

Which interface is best for beginners? ›

Best Audio Interfaces For Beginners: Reviews
  1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. Quick Look. ...
  2. Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. Quick Look. ...
  3. Behringer U-phoria 204HD. Quick Look. ...
  4. Presonus Audiobox USB 96. Quick Look. ...
  5. Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2. Quick Look. ...
  6. Mackie Onyx Producer 2.2. Quick Look. ...
  7. Audient iD4 MKII USB-C Audio Interface.
10 Aug 2022

Can you use 2 audio interfaces at once? ›

With an Aggregate Device, you can use audio inputs and outputs from different devices at the same time with Logic Pro, GarageBand, MainStage, and most other Core Audio-compliant applications.

What are the 6 main features to consider when choosing audio interfaces? ›

6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Audio Interface
  • $$$ Of course, price is always a factor, but ultimately that's going to be determined by two things—the specific feature set you require, and the level of audio quality you demand. ...
  • Compatibility. ...
  • Connectivity. ...
  • I/O (gozintas & gozoutas) ...
  • Latency. ...
  • Extra Features.

How do I get the best sound in Audacity? ›

8 easy steps to improve voice quality in Audacity
  1. #1 Use the Noise Profile. ...
  2. #3 Use the Normalizer. ...
  3. #4 Use the Compressor. ...
  4. #5 Use the Equalizer. ...
  5. #6 Use Spectrogram. ...
  6. #7 Use The AutoDuck Effect. ...
  7. #8 Use Bass And Treble Boost. ...
  8. Combine Audacity and Krisp for the perfect audio production.
17 Nov 2021

What audio plugins do professionals use? ›

List of Best VST Plugins & Instruments in 2022:
  • FabFilter Pro Bundle [Best Mixing VST Plugins in 2022]
  • u-he Diva.
  • Kilohearts Phase Plant.
  • iZotope Trash 2 [Distortion VST]
  • RC-20 Retro Color [Saturation VST]
  • DS-10 Drum Shaper VST Plugin.
  • iZotope Ozone 9 [Best Mastering VST]
  • Soundtoys Decapitator [Best Saturation VST]
11 Apr 2022

What plugins do big producers use? ›

The Main Types of Audio Plugins You'll Encounter as a Producer or Beatmaker:
  • Equalizer Plugins.
  • Compressor Plugins.
  • Reverb Plugins.
  • Delay Plugins.
  • Distortion Plugins.
  • Saturation Plugins.
  • Limiter Plugins.
  • Gate & Expander Plugins.

Should I use mono or stereo in Audacity? ›

It depends on what you are recording. If you are recording from a single microphone, that is a mono source, so there is not much point in recording a stereo track (unless you have some overriding reason to do so). If you are recording from a stereo cassette player then you will probably want to record in stereo.

Why is Audacity not picking up sound? ›

If Audacity does not recognize the device, try exiting Audacity and relaunching it, or in current Audacity choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Is Audacity good for music production? ›

If you're looking to get started in podcasting or recording music, it's tough to go wrong with Audacity. A powerful, free, open-source audio editor that's been available for years, Audacity is still the go-to choice for quick-and-dirty audio work.

Should you mix with audio interface? ›

Do I need a mixer if I have an audio interface? Generally, you do not need a mixer if you already have an audio interface. The interface connects your microphones and instruments to your computer for recording. This way, you don't need any additional devices to connect your studio's components.

How many inputs can Audacity handle? ›

Playback support in Audacity is currently limited to stereo (2 channels), so all multi-channel recordings will be sent to your sound device in stereo.

What is the No 1 speaker in the world? ›

What Are the Best Speakers In The World?
  • Definitive Technology BP9080X (Our Pick)
  • Salk Silk Monitors (Best Bookshelf Speakers)
  • KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker (Best Floorstanding Speakers)
  • JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor.
  • Klipsch R-28PF Surround Sound Floor Standing Speaker.
  • Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant-Garde.
5 Sept 2022

Which speaker is best for music? ›

The 6 Best Home Speakers - Fall 2022 Reviews
  • Best Home Speaker. Denon Home 350. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Mid-Range Home Speaker. Sonos Move. ...
  • Best Lower Mid-Range Home Speaker. Amazon Echo Studio. ...
  • Best Budget Home Speaker. Amazon Echo Gen 4. ...
  • Best Cheap Home Speaker. Amazon Echo Dot Gen 4. ...
  • Best Home Decor Speaker. IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf.
17 Nov 2022

What is the clearest form of audio? ›

What is the best audio format for sound quality? A lossless audio file format is the best format for sound quality. These include FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. These types of files are considered “hi-res” because they are better or equal to CD-quality.

What format do audiophiles use? ›

FLAC is long considered a standard by many audiophiles and is probably the most common of the lossless formats.

What format gives the best quality? ›

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) works with nearly every web browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Developed by Microsoft, AVI offers the highest quality but also large file sizes.

Where can I find high quality audio songs? ›

Take a look at our Top 5 picks for Hi-Res Audio downloading websites to below.
  • Acoustic Sounds Super HiRez. About: If you're looking for the finest selection of DSD music files, look no further than the Super HiRez site. ...
  • HDtracks. About: ...
  • ProStudio Masters. About: ...
  • iTrax. About: ...
  • Native DSD Music and Beyond. About:

How many audio interfaces do I need? ›

Only a 1-input audio interface is needed for recording one sound source at a time. For one musician but two sources e.g. vocals and guitar, 2 inputs are required. For a drum set, a minimum of 8 is recommended. A full band requires at least 8, going up to 16 if the band has a full drum set.

How long should an audio interface last? ›

To sum up the article above, the average lifespan of the audio interface is 5 to 10 years. If you go for super cheap products, you may end up with less lifespan and the same rule goes vice versa where high-end products last approximately 10 years.

When should I get a new audio interface? ›

Having enough inputs and outputs for a recording session can be vital. Waiting to track something because you don't have an extra I/O can be killer when it comes to the momentum of the recording. So if you're recording drums for the first time and need more than your 4 mic preamps, it might be a good time to upgrade.

What is a professional interface? ›

A professional interface is a highly specialised tool designed to help the user solve tasks as efficiently and productively as possible. Let's talk about the differences between professional tools and mass-use services in terms of UI design.

What audio interface did Billie Eilish use? ›

When it comes to audio interfaces, Universal Audio Apollo 8 is the one Billie prefers. It features a built-in digital signal processing (DSP), premium analog to digital conversion, and almost no latency when tracking. Thus, this audio interface was essential in the production process of her albums.

Are high end audio interfaces worth it? ›

Expensive interfaces are better than cheap, yes. There are many reasons and it's not the thing that they "sound better". They have better converters = more detailed sound and more realistic sound = better processing, more revealing on monitors = better mixing...etc...

What audio interface does Billie Eilish use? ›

When it comes to audio interfaces, Universal Audio Apollo 8 is the one Billie prefers. It features a built-in digital signal processing (DSP), premium analog to digital conversion, and almost no latency when tracking. Thus, this audio interface was essential in the production process of her albums.

Are high-end audio interfaces worth it? ›

Expensive interfaces are better than cheap, yes. There are many reasons and it's not the thing that they "sound better". They have better converters = more detailed sound and more realistic sound = better processing, more revealing on monitors = better mixing...etc...

Which Daw has the best sound engine? ›

  1. Ableton Live. An inspiring DAW with a next-level workflow. ...
  2. Image-Line FL Studio. A unique DAW that's kickstarted many electronic music producers' careers. ...
  3. Apple Logic Pro. Amazing value and great performance on the Mac. ...
  4. Steinberg Cubase. ...
  5. PreSonus Studio One. ...
  6. Cockos Reaper 6. ...
  7. Reason Studios Reason. ...
  8. Bitwig Studio.
19 Oct 2022

What audio interface does Lil Wayne use? ›

You'll seldom see the master mixer without his Sennheiser HD 660s headphones‎. He has an audio interface from Universal Audio, a brand he calls “one of the companies that allowed a lot of us to do things on the run.” Lil Wayne's productivity has become the thing of legend.

What mic does Ariana Grande use? ›

While Ariana also uses the Atlas MS-12 mic stand, this one has the tip that slims down at the top to fit her Shure microphone mic clip.

How can I make my mic sound better 2022? ›

How To Improve Microphone Sound Quality – Tips To Improve Your Sound
  1. Use Quality Cables. ...
  2. Use A Quality Low Distortion Preamp. ...
  3. Listen To The Sound Source Before You Mic Up. ...
  4. Learn What Your Mic Sounds Like. ...
  5. Find The Best Mic Placements On The Stage.
14 Feb 2022

What is the highest quality microphone in the world? ›

Table of Contents:
  • Shure SM57.
  • Shure SM58.
  • Shure SM7B.
  • Electrovoice RE20 Dynamic Microphone.
  • Sennheiser MD421 II.
  • Sennheiser MD 441U Dynamic Microphone.

What type of microphone has excellent sound quality? ›

Of the three types of microphone designs, condenser mics generally offer the best high-frequency audio reproduction, which makes them the most common choice for capturing the nuances of voices. Their high-end response also allows them to better reproduce transients, the peaks at the beginning of a sound wave.

How do I choose an audio interface? ›

Build quality is an important factor when it comes to choosing an audio interface and Durability, reliability and feel are the key elements that people often look for in an interface. Interfaces with a metal chassis and knobs are ideal as they stand up better to knocks and bumps.

How much should I pay for an audio interface? ›

The cost of an audio interface depends on your needs. For beginner setup, you can find an interface below $200. An interface with advanced functions costs between $200 to $500.


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