Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (2023)

Compiling a list of our favorite rooster breeds is pretty daunting!

Choosing a rooster, you need to remember that its main task is reproduction and protection of the flock. Many do not like to be hugged or even picked up; that is its nature, it is not fault.

I have never had success importing a rooster into the herd - they come with baggage and attitude. If you're lucky, you might find a rooster enjoying lap time with you, and it's great that you do.

It is easier to train them to be friendly with people if you can start doing it when they are chicks.

This is how you suppress bad behavior before it has time to flourish and encourage good behavior with rewards.

So there we go: our favorite breeds of roosters!

Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (1)

Our favorite breeds of roosters (2021)


Look at this big but beautiful rooster -el brahma. Originally known as the king of chickens, they were the largest breed until the arrival of the Jersey Giant.

They can grow to over two feet to intimidate small children, but these favorite breeds of roosters are fairly docile and not known for being aggressive. Just the size of these guys is enough.intimidate smaller predators! Brahmas are kind and attentive to their maidens, they trust their guardians and it is a pleasure to watch them while walking on the grass.

They mature slowly but are definitely worth the wait. Despite their size, they may be pecked by other breeds because they are so docile that careful breeding management is imperative with these birds.

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Barbu D'Uccle

Beard D'Ucclescan be the size of a pint, but it looks good and just has a little attitude! George, my rooster, gets it right when the ladies find treats and watch them eat.

It's also a great early warning system, allowing the girls to run for cover while he stays behind and reviews the situation. Barbu D'Uccle has been known to take on a rooster much bigger than himself, and win!

He can be a bit feisty in mating season, but that is to be expected and not out of character, keep that in mind with any rooster you may have.

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Once mating season is over, he goes back to his routine and allows me to pick him up and tease him (but not in front of the chicks).


Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (3)Othershandsome boy in the barnyard– the catfish buzzer. Its plumage is impressive, especially in sunlight.

They are generally kind to humans; mine often eat out of my hand and sit next to me in the field. My catfish rooster spends a lot of time competing between different groups of ladies to make sure they are all safe and well fed.

He gets along very well with the ladies: they seem to enjoy plucking his chest feathers, which he tolerates down to the bare parts included!

They are big alarms, always on the lookout for anything unusual, and always the last in the barn for safety reasons.

Their beards and comb could use ita little attention in wintersince they are quite hanging.


The Australorp Roostercan look completely black, but with the right light its plumage takes on a beautiful bugle green tone that gives it a majestic appearance.

Australorp roosters are not known for their aggressiveness. In fact, just like chickens, they can be shy at first, but once they become attached to you, they are usually calm and friendly and will seek you out frequently.give sweets to girlsand the.

Dedicated to the welfare of the pack, you can see them patrolling their territory, finding tasty morsels for the girls, and watching the skies for trouble.

This rooster needs to pronounce his comb and wattles, so he needs extra attention during the bitter winter months.

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Langshans are one of thegentle giants of birds; They are also quite unusual. Roosters are known to be tame and non-aggressive; Since they're between 24 and 32 inches tall, that's a good thing!

Despite their size, they only weigh around 9 pounds.

They come in colors black, white, splatter, and sometimes blue.

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The flock and the keeper love to forage for food, and the rooster is always looking for trouble.

These birds are slow to mature, but they are worth the wait; The black plumage of the young is impressive in the sunlight. They have a regal demeanor and are never in a rush to go anywhere, unless it is for food.

favorite roles

The Faverolles rooster is a very beautiful and dignified bird. The rooster is nothing like the ladies, but it stands out quite elegantly in its plumage (see photo!).

They are curious and friendly with their owner and their environment. They take good care of the ladies and are good herd keepers.

They usually love to forage for food in the garden, so they are always on the lookout for danger and will call the girls if they think something is wrong.


Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (5)Let us introduce you to the fluffy balls of the world of poultry;Cochines!

It seems that the standard size roosters are good-natured types; their dwarf counterparts, not so much.

Roosters can become so tame that they will lie on your lap and may even enjoy being a domestic chicken instead of a "garden bird".

That kind of disposition really isn't a good guard. So if you want a rooster to guard your flock, it's best to choose something more assertive than a Cochin.

If you want a rooster, the children can pick it up; this could be the guy for you.

bufo orpington

Everyone's favorite fluffy chicken, butwhat about the roosters?

They are said to be very laid back and non-aggressive, even friendly towards their keepers. They have a docile nature, but don't let that fool you.

Buff Orpingtons are known to give their lives in defense of their flock and do a great job of "guarding and watching over" the ladies.

They are great guardians of the herd and will raise the alarm if they sense danger. They are attentive to their ladies and can be seen keeping a close eye on the herd as they graze.

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Although the Java is one of the oldest breeds in the United States, it doesn't get a lot of attention anymore.

They are available in three colors: black, white and marbled. Roosters are quite large, but they are gentle giants.

Javas love to forage with their ladies in the garden and take care to keep them safe and out of the way. They are not usually aggressive towards their owners and in some cases they can even become quite friendly and very tolerant of handling.

They mature slower than some of the newer breeds, but the wait is well worth it. The rooster weighs about 9½ pounds on average.


The favorite breed of many, Plymouth Rocks, honestly stems from its popularity. They are one of the "workhorses" of poultry. These are probably the birds Grandma used to raise.

Plymouth Rock Roosters are often sought after by people looking for a rooster. They have a reputation for being calm and trustworthy. Majestic and impressive looking, this rooster is a definite asset to your flock.

They have great camouflage and look beautiful in their black and white striped plumage. Roosters are very protective of their flock and are usually smart enough not to cause trouble for the keeper.


sebright chickensthey have a lot of personality, talk almost non-stop and enjoy human interaction.

Roosters can, of course, be protective of their ladies, but if you start dealing with them frequently early on, it shouldn't be a hindrance to your relationship.

Sebrights are best contained for their own safety, but that doesn't stop the pups from being aware of their surroundings and raising the alarm if necessary.

These are beautiful little birds!


Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (6)

Who can resist the hairstyle of the Poles? Even the roosters sport some cheeky feather heads!

Polish Roosters are not known for their aggressiveness and can actually be quite timid if the feathers obscure their vision. They are very respectful of the girls and would actually be pushed around by the ladies!

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When raised by chicks, they can become your best friends while taking care of the flock.

While they're pretty good at tending chickens and sounding the alarm, you shouldn't rely on them to keep predators at bay.

To make sure they can see well, clip their head feathers or tie them back. A bird that cannot see well may be timid or overly nervous.


Delaware was once very popular here in the US, but is almost unknown to the outside world. Unfortunately, they are now listed by the ALBC with "Watching" status.

A beautiful bird, Roosters look quite imperious in their white feathers with hints of black on the neck and tail.

They are said to be quite docile unless frightened, in which case they can become aggressive, but they are generally not aggressive towards their keepers. Delawares are good with girls, always on the lookout and alert for danger, sounding the alarm and leading the pack to safety.

A plus for these guys: if you cross them with a New Hampshire orRhode Island rojo-her, you get sex-tied girls.


I hope you enjoyed our favorite rooster breeds and photos!

It should be mentioned once again that temperament and disposition can vary greatly depending on the "line".

Some breeders prefer a more confident bird, while others breed softer birds. You have to do your homework andFind out what your local breederAim at a bird.

If you can see the parent breeds, especially the rooster, you can form an opinion as to whether or not you want that particular rooster. please readour article hereto get an idea of ​​how a rooster ticks and how to deal with it.

I'm sure some of you will be upset that we didn't mention your specific breed of rooster, but there are so many to choose from! Apologies to the guys we miss, maybe there will be a next time.

Let us know your favorite breed of rooster in the comments below and share your photos...

Our 13 Favorite Rooster Breeds (Including Photos) (2021) (7)

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