Find black owned tattoo shops near me (2023)

For many of us, a tattoo is a way of sharing ourselves. It is a token of our love for specific icons, people, and things that we hold significant. While there are a growing number of black tattoo artists, there aren't as many black tattoo parlors.

The tattoos people get are as many nuances as the skin they're on, and many people find the artist they walk on just as proud as the artwork itself.

However, that doesn't mean they don't exist. There are many black artists who are pioneering the tattoo market by focusing on a variety of complex strategies. Do you need a small tattoo? A reasonable portrait? An illustration that honors your culture (as well as your complexion)?

Whether you're covered in ink or the thought of a needle gives you the creeps, you'll fall in love with a new piece when you see these beautiful artists. We've detailed a few from New York to Miami and in between.

Black-Owned Tattoo Shops Near DC

Tattoos and piercings

Since 1994, Fatty's has established itself as the premier tattoo and body piercing shop in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area. We are the region's leading provider of quality custom tattoos, piercings and body jewelry and were named "Best Tattoo Parlor" in the Washington City Paper's Best of DC Readers' Poll in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 "elected.

embassy tattoo

Embassy Tattoo is located at 1762 Columbia Road NW in the vibrant and up-and-coming Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. We have a very talented team that can create any style of tattoo you want. Whether it be traditional, Japanese, realism, tribal, cover-ups and everything in between.

Black-Owned Tattoo Shops in New York

New York, NY 10001: Black Fish Tattoo 316 5th Avenue. New...

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Black Fish Tattoo, Tattoo, Tattoos, Piercings, Piercings, Jewelry, New York, Tattoo Studio, New York Tattoo Studio, Kevin, Korean Tattoo Artist

black iris tattoo

Black Iris is the collaborative project of Anka Lavriv, John O'Hara and Eve Steuer, three cross-genre artists making strictly original work. Store opening hours are by appointment only. Inside, there's no old-school Flash, no binders, no feel-good Pinterest printables, and nothing reminiscent of Americans. Black Iris tattoos tend to be illustrative and finely detailed, with lots of black lines, natural shapes, and hidden imagery. Lavriv, O'Hara and Steuer see each tattoo as a new form of expression, and their work has amazing results. Black Iris's clientele is artistic, irreverent and feminine. If you have black nails andThe curerecords, you will feel at home. Artists Black Iris Collective Johno Anka Leslie Karin Pickett Simon Kat Hannah Mailing List. Black Iris Tattoo, 56 Jewel Street, Brooklyn NY 11222.

Black tattoo shops in LA

monocle tattoo

There is a misconception that black people cannot get quality colored tattoos. James Spooner, an African-American vegan tattoo artist who specializes in tattooing dark skin types, disagrees. Having been in the industry for ten years, he has seen firsthand how both clients and tattoo artists make the wrong decisions to accommodate darker skin.

"Clients have to respect themselves enough to do research and they have to look at portfolios," he told me. "If you don't see black skin in the tattoo artist's portfolio, it means one of two things: either they don't tattoo black people very often, or they haven't tattooed black people that they're proud to include." in your wallet."

Spooner, 42, of New York City, started out as a filmmaker. The world-acclaimed documentary film of himafro-punk(2003) examined race and identity in the predominantly white punk scene. The film eventually led to what we know today as the annual Afropunk festival, which runs from Atlanta to Paris. After his film career, Spooner switched to tattooing in Los Angeles.

Black tattoo shops in Detroit


Detroit Inkspot is a truly emerging and innovative tattoo studio. They never disappoint with their artwork. Featuring both male and female artists, they also work to make you feel comfortable during the process and have been a staple in the Detroit area for over a decade.

Even better, their Lady L is an artist who has a HUGE name on the local and national scene.

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Black-Owned Tattoo Studios in Atlanta

official ink

Atlanta's number one place for tattoos and piercings. 100% Black owned and operated, we pride ourselves on serving customers around the world and becoming a pillar in our local communities.

Some of the most famous black tattoo artists in 2021


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (1)

Born in Sweden but born in Los Angeles,Miriam Lumpiniis an artist to behold. Establishing a style of bold color saturation and stunning natural inspiration, he has garnered the attention of celebrity clients like Jhené Aiko and Swae Lee.


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (2)

This Calgary artistmoves in the industry making illustrative tattoos of realism. Anderson is quickly gaining international attention for his incredibly colorful style and is currently one of Canada's most sought after artists.


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (3)

Pochhe is one of the best realism tattoo artists of this generation, hands (and anything else you want to tattoo) down. He started his career in a street shop in New York, but has continued his experience in California.

"What defines me is my ability to be more," he says, "I don't measure my wealth and success by money, but by my ambition and determination to be bigger than yesterday."

kevin laroy

Find black owned tattoo shops near me (4)

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Although he is known for appearing on reality showsfarm master,black ink crew, yHow far is the tattoo?,kevin laroyhe has proven through his impressive artistic skills that he is more than just a reality TV tattoo artist. He takes the TV count off and you'll see tons of talent. To aspiring black artists, Laroy tells, "If they don't hear you knock, kick the fucking door down."


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (5)

another actor fromblack ink crewyHow far is the tattoo?,Songhas created a brand as a bohemian all-rounder. On social networks, he does not hide his political ideology and shows his support for public figures such as Colin Kaepernick and Jussie Smollett.


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (6)

2016 artistantonio michaelsmade history as the first non-white tattoo artist to take home the title of Ink Master. And with his impressive skills as a realist and black and gray artist, we can clearly see how he wowed the judges in Season 7.


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (7)

Doreen Garneris a Brooklyn-based artist whose work supports Black communities. He recently started a tattoo project for Black History Month called "The Black Panther Project" where 28 people will receive permanent designs to support black pride.

“The representation and support of black artists in the tattoo industry is an absolute must. As pioneers of body modification and tribal practice, it is essentially our birth rite as Black people to continue our traditions throughout the world, particularly in America, where we have been stripped of our identity. It's time our contribution to tattoo culture was celebrated with the same enthusiasm as those who appropriated it."


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (8)

If you watched the last season offarm master, you will definitely remember the finalistSr. Poole. Teej is a highly skilled black and gray artist who did the last two in season 11. His name is highly respected throughout the industry and he has been around in the tattoo world for many years.

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When asked for advice, he says, "It's not what you're called, it's what you say that defines you."


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (9)

In New York City, micro and fine line tattoos are among the most sought after styles. And if you're looking for a great artist to perform a piece in these styles, look no further.christian anthony. His skills shine on all skin tones and she's not afraid to adapt his designs to current trends.

"I think representation of black artists is important in the industry because we've always been outcasts," she says. "From music to sports to many other professions, you just don't see many of us. It's time people start seeing the talent of black artists too, so we can continue to develop our art in our own communities."


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (10)

During his career in the tattoo industry.foster craigIt has a great influence on the style of the new school. He brought his name into the mainstream by appearing on seasons 3 and 6 offarm master, and secured a place in the last four of the latter.

"When I started my career in the spring of 1995, I didn't know many black tattoo artists," he recalls. "There was a very small group, less than 10. I got my share of weird looks when people made dates without knowing my race. To overcome that, I did my best to give them a great tattoo and experience. Those looks don't come in these days, but my goal remains the same: great works of art and great experiences. This is what makes a tattoo "timeless."


Find black owned tattoo shops near me (11)

A specialist in black and gray style,Darnell Wainehe creates beautiful designs that relate to his heritage. From Egyptian deities to big Afro pin-ups, Waine proves that black is beautiful in every work he creates.

katrina jackson

Find black owned tattoo shops near me (12)

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Last, and all but least,katrina jacksonShe is not only a talented artist, but also a pioneering businesswoman. She is the first black woman to open a tattoo shop in Beverly Hills and has since enriched her shop with a host of talented inkers. She is an example of what is possible and how many colorists are making power moves in the industry today.

“Black tattoo artists used to be looked down on in this industry,” he says, “but that's changing and it's partly my responsibility to keep up that progress. Many urban tattoo artists have resigned themselves to tattooing at home because it's harder to break into legitimate businesses. I want to show what we can do when all the Ts cross paths, see me, and come together to grow.

What do you think of these talented tattoo artists? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and questions about this story in the comments section on Facebook.


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