Beginner's guide to break-in (2023)

Beginner's guide to break-in (1)

Picking locks can be a hobby, not just a hunt for would-be thieves. More importantly, it is an essential service today. Imagine that over 20 million people in the US lose their car and house keys each year, creating significant demand for anti-theft locksmith services.

In short, lock picking is the act of manipulating a lock to open it without the original key. If you always lose or misplace your keys, mastering this skill can be very valuable. The key to learning this skill is understanding how locks and keys work. It takes experienced thieves less than a minute to pick a lock.

So if this is something you want to learn, read on to understand how to pick locks.

Legality of breaking and entering

As the lock pick is commonly associated with theft and theft, it is crucial to set the record straight about its legality. adhere tostate and federal lawsIt is always essential, but what are these laws?

There are four facets to lock picking: buy a pick set, use one, own one, and travel with a pick kit.

For the most part, owning a lock pick set is not illegal in most US states. Still, the legality of lock picking remains a complicated matter and mostly depends on an individual and how they intend to do so. use the set.

When is it considered a crime?

Possessing or using theft tools becomes a crime when you use them illegally. The court must prove that you intended to commit a crime using the kit.

So if your state requires the court to prove intent to commit a felony, your best protection is to follow all existing theft laws. For example, if you have a criminal record for theft, it is easy for the court to prove intent to commit a crime when you have a lock pick.

No specific laws

It is also vital to note that there are states that do not have specific trespassing laws. This includes Arkansas, West Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. Some states, such as North Carolina, do not have specific laws, but locksmith services are regulated.

If your state does not have specific laws, you are generally safe when it comes to using, owning, and purchasing lock pick sets. However, you should be careful when traveling to another state with your device. Be sure to find out in advance the laws of the state you are visiting.

States where Lockpicking is illegal

There are also states wherebreaking and entering is illegal, particularly Ohio, Virginia and Nevada. If you're visiting any of these states, you may want to leave your equipment at home.

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While lock picking is legal in Illinois, owning collision keys is illegal. Also, in Mississippi, it is legal to own lock pick sets, but hiding them, even if kept in your pocket, is considered a crime.

Before purchasing, owning or using a lock pick set, it is vital to understand the laws in your state. States with laws worded them differently; therefore, you may need to seek help understanding specific state laws.

Different types of hooks

The world of picking can be tricky, especially for a novice. If you want to learn this skill, it is vital to understand the different types of lock picks. You may want to start with the ones that are easy to use.

Lockpicking requires precision to successfully pick a lock due to the small size of the keyhole. The pick needs to manipulate a single peg at a time without accidentally hitting anything else.

Here are the common options you should be aware of:

  1. manos

    Hook rods are noted for their hooked tip and are generally ideal for single point rods. In most cases, beginners will find picks easier to use than other pick tools. Hook barbs come in many different lengths and shapes, including gonzo, short, long, and gemstone hooks.

  2. peaks

    These quills have a circle or semicircle tip and also go by different names. For example, the full circle spike is also known as the snowman, also known as the double ball spike. It has a small header and a larger body.

    The problem with ball spikes is that they are less effective than diamond and hook spikes. They are mainly used to open wafer locks.

  3. diamond picks

    A triangle-shaped tip features diamond prongs. You can also find full diamond picks, but half diamond picks are more common. The small size half diamond picks can also be used for single prong picks.

  4. rake picks

    Unlike picks, picks are designed to handle all the pins in the lock at once. Its design is inspired by the common patterns of screwdrivers. Beginners will find it difficult to use rake picks, but it gets easier the more you practice.

    They also come in different types like long rods, snake, and Bogota.


collision keys

If you wantpick locks from pin-tumbler, you will need collision or collision keys, also known as 999 keys. The technique of using these keys is known as lock-locking. Collision keys are special keys, which are cut to exploit the mechanics of pin locks.

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These keys are easy to make and acquire; it takes about five minutes to make one. When making an embossed key, the goal is not to align it with the original key. Once the key is inserted into the keyway, it is struck with a small hammer to manipulate the pins, thus opening the lock.

The keystroke is effective for opening cylinder-type locks and has a 90 percent success rate. The only problem with using impact keys is that they are likely to permanently damage your lock due to the impact of hitting the key.

key extractors

You also need to know about key extractors. At first glance, you'd likely mistake them for diamond spikes. As the name implies, key extractors are useful for removing or extracting broken keys stuck in a lock.

They come in different shapes, but the most common shapes are hooks and harpoons. In most key extraction cases, the size of the extractor doesn't really matter.

During the removal process, you need to push the pins as high as possible with the extractor. Then use a sharp edge to pry out the broken key.

Factors to consider

As noted above, the success of lock picking depends on several factors, most notably yourunderstanding locks and keys. So if you want to start lock picking, here's what to consider:

Know how a key opens a lock

Hasp locks are used on nearly 95% of homes and businesses in the US So this section will cover how these locks work when unlocked.

The exterior of a lock has three main components: lock, stopper, and casing. The keyhole is in the socket, while the hull surrounds the socket. Thus, when opening the lock, the key is inserted into the keyhole of the plug. Inside the keyhole, there are ridges on the sides known as wards, which restrict the types of keys that can fit in the keyhole and work with the stopper.

Please note that there are keys that can fit the lock's keyhole, but cannot turn the socket to open the lock. When the correct key is inserted, it usually turns the socket to open the lock. All pins inside the lock must reach the opening line for the lock to open properly.

There are also other vital elements of a security lock that you should be aware of, including:

  • docks- The springs work to push the pins into the socket.
  • key pins- The key pins are the ones that make contact with the key.
  • driver pins- These are the pins that make the lock lock and are usually just above the key pins.

Force to apply vs. mechanical ability

There are simple aspects of lock picking that anyone can learn. As you begin to pick locks, you will master the mechanical skill involved in this art. This involves maintaining a fixed position or a fixed path with your hand, regardless of the force you are applying.

This process is generally known as skipping the cane. The trick is in the fingers or wrist, which act as a source of pressure. Your focus is to move the tip of the rod, not the handle. You have to feel the spike going up and down in the keyhole.

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Please note that this mechanical skill can only be mastered through practice. You have to use your fingers to get the information about the movement of the pick. Remember that you must learn to apply fixed force regardless of hand position.

As you continue to practice the skill, you'll learn advanced lock picking, which requires analytical thinking, visual concentration, mechanical sensitivity, and physical dexterity.

Visual Concentration

The reconstructive imagination of the lock is also vital in breaking and entering. You have to use your senses to build a picture of what's going on in the gib. This allows you to understand how the pins respond to your manipulations.

As a beginner, it is normal to use your eyes to ensure perfect coordination. Over time, you'll learn to use visual concentration to pick just about any lock.

analytical thinking

Every lock is different, so choosing a padlock is not the same as choosing a hasp. Analytical thinking allows you to analyze the feedback from different blocks during the process. This allows you to determine the best approach to picking the lock.

While the pick is an essential tool in the process, the torque wrench opens the lock. It is the pair that allows all the passers to reach the cutting line. The pick simply moves over the pins to give you information about the specific lock you are opening.

lock type

Another critical component of lock picking is understanding different locks, including padlocks, cam locks, lever locks, deadbolt, mortise locks, and knob locks.


Padlocks have a shackle that secures a door, cabinet, or safe and are the only portable locks. Some use keys, while others use combination codes. There are also smart options that have alarms and other digital features.

Most combination and smart locks don't have padlocks, so you can't pick them up. However, for keyed locks, you can open them using the bundling method in conjunction with a tension key.

button locks

These locks are common in homes and can be used on both internal and external doors. There are different door handles, including the push-button handle, the rotary handle lock, and the traditional handle lock.

The handles are easy to open with a tension wrench and pick, but you'll have to reassemble them after picking. It is also possible to pick them up with a hairpin or clip.

mortise locks

There are two types of mortise locks: draped and non-draped locks. While it is possible to choose them, the process takes a bit of time. Mortise locks without curtains can be picked with rakes, hooks or guns. Pressing a key can also help unlock them.

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With drape locks, there is a small device known as a drape that is added to the locks to prevent picking. Fortunately, certain picks are explicitly designed for these locks.

final thoughts

You can start lock picking as a hobby and slowly turn it into a full time career. Many people lose their house, car, and mailbox keys and need help picking the locks. As a locksmith, you can easilymake $18 an hourto offer such services.

Before you begin, take the time to understand your state's laws on breaking and entering, as well as the purchase, use, and ownership of lock sets.

As a beginner, the pin lock is the best lock to start practicing your picking skills. Once you successfully pick this lock, you can transfer the abilities to other locks. Hook and rake picks are great for beginners.


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