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Well -Vinding to 2021butTop 20!Every year, we explore the world's leading adhesive and sealant manufacturers to set up this list.When looking at the ranking, we focus on sales numbers (and other details) for finished stickers and seals, as well as related products such as ligaments.

Special thanks to companies that react to our questions and provide specific details about commercial activities and the financial results of stickers and stamps.

In addition to the information provided by corporate contacts, we collect details of annual reports, business websites, press release and other sources.The information available was not made, some companies needed to be left out.

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1. Henkel AG & Co. KGAA

Dusseldorf, Germany


CEO: Carsten Knobel

Member of the Adhesive Technology Council: Jan.-Dirk Auris

Lower demand due to closures and other restrictions on Covid Global Covid 19 Pandemie led sales in 2020 to total production of US $ 10.6 billion.

The adhesive technologies segment made 45% of Henkel's total revenues in 2020. The company also operates segments for Beauty Care (19% of sales 2020) and laundry and domestic service (35%).Compared to 2019, the proportion of adhesion technologies decreased in total sales (47% in the previous year), maintaining laundry and home care (33% in the previous year).

Four business areas include the adhesive technology business unit: cars and metals (22%of segment turnover by 2020);packaging and consumer goods (33%);Electronics and Industry (15%);and artisans, construction and professional (30%).While segment packaging and consumer goods have reached positive organic sales for the year, mainly due to increased demand from the packaging sector, the other three business segments recorded the organic decline in sales of the year.

"In the first quarter of 2021, sales in the business unit of adhesive technologies in the previous year rose 6.4 billion euros (~ $ 2.9 billion] in 6.7 % of 2.2 billion euros [~ 2, 7 billion. USD] ", the source says." Organically (ie, adapted to exchange and acquisitions/sales), sales increased by 13%. The first trimester performance was due to considerable continuous recovery in industrial production.

“There is still great uncertainty about how pandemic will develop and how consumption and industrial production will affect.Industrial demand, Henkel expects organic sales growth between 7 and 9% (previous instructions, 2-6%). "

Despite several pandemic challenges and less demand, Henkel increased its sticker/sealing conditions by 2020 by about 2.5%to 291 million euros (~ 355.1 million).Adhesive technologies made 58% of Henkel's total expense for the year.

"In 2021, the adhesive technology business unit aims to continue to concentrate its activities and innovation resources in technological development and expand its partnerships with companies dealing with the three megators of mobility, connectivity and sustainability," says the company's source. "In "particularly sustainability will remain an important driver for innovations in all markets that Henkel meets.With the opening of its new Global Innovation Center in Düsseldorf, during 2021, the company will further strengthen its F&E skills. "

In 2020, Henkel (on average) employed 52,600 employees worldwide;The adhesive technologies segment represented 47% of this total workforce.Adhesive technologies operated 133 production locations in 2020.

Sources: corporate contact, annual report

A.onkel Paterno side

St.paul, minn.


President and CEO: Mike Roman

3M produces stickers and seals, as well as related products such as ligaments and films through its four main business segments: safety and industry, transportation and electronics, health and consumers.The company employs almost 95,000 people worldwide.

3M reported that 2020 revenues for businesses with industrial stickers and tapes in the safety and industrial segment was $ 2.6 billion, which made 22% of the segment a total of about 11.8 billion dollars.This corresponds to an agency of about 5% compared to 2019.

The stationary and office business within the 3 MS consumer segment generated sales of about $ 1.2 billion (23% of the segment, a total of $ 5.3 billion).This company produces ribbons and other office stickers.

3M invested $ 1.9 billion in the US in F&E. In September, the company announced that a sustainability obligation in the context of all new marketing efforts would be required."Sustainability has always been the nucleus of 3M - but we want to do more."Said John Banovetz, director of technology."We are proud to formalize our commitment to this next step to be innovative for a sustainable future."

Sources: Annual Report, Company Website, Press Notices

3. Avery Dennison Corp.

Glendale, California.


President, CEO and CEO: Mitch Bucchier

Avery Dennison's total revenues from 2020 compared to the previous year decreased by 1.4%, which is mainly due to Covid 19 pandemic and reached nearly $ 7 billion (the company rejected specific sealing stickers and sales and sales sales andto provide other details.)

Avery Dennison works in three business groups: label and graphic materials (LGM), brand solutions and retail information (RBIs), as well as industrial and health materials (HIM).4.8 billion dollars, which produce ligaments, adhesives and other fixing elements, recorded a more marked decline of 7%, which is mainly due to the effects of COVID-19 on the automotive market.The segment reached net revenues of 631, $ 9 million.

The company's 32,000 employees work in more than 50 countries.F & e Total spending increased by almost 22% by 2020 and reached $ 112.8 million.

Sources: Annual Report, Company Website, Press Notices

4. H.B.voll

St.paul, minn.


CEO: Jim Owens

A H.B.Fuller employs over 6,000 people around the world.Net sales from the company to 2020 (late November 2020) decreased 3.7%to nearly $ 2.8 billion, which is mainly due to different effects of Covid 19 Pandemy is.Organic turnover fell 1.6% compared to the previous financial year.

H.B.fuller works in three main business segments: hygiene, health and consumption (48%of total sales of 2020);Technical Adhesives (39%);and construction adhesives (13%).Net turnover for hygiene, health and consumption stickers, stickers for sectors such as packaging, medicine and hygiene in the financial year of 2020, about $ 1.3 billion in the US was essentially flat.

The technical stickers segment serves customers in industries such as transportation, electronics and energy.Net revenues of 2020 decreased 6.1 %to about $ 1.1 billion.

"H.B.fullers' product diversity and set of clients has allowed us to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on our business and historically support the reliability of margen failure and cash flow during economic slowdown," says a company source,For example, in the year 2020 automotive and commercial hardware stores were suppressed, we recorded an increase in demand for paper tissues and towels, packaging and hygiene products.🇧🇷

In this sense, the company is carefully optimistic for 2021. "Growth in some final markets, such as commercial and aerospace construction, will improve slower pace and may not return to the 2019 activity level," the source says."Increased demand for hygiene and health products, packaging, paper, fabrics and towels will probably continue until 2021, as consumers will continue to spend more time on their homes.

“We assume that the final markets of the construction adhesive will continue to show a constant improvement for 2021, whereby commercial activity improves all year and living activities remain fixed., Which reflects the growing production activity to satisfy a repressed - rise todemand and return to typical activity levels in the second half of the year. "

H.B.fuller has invested in growth in Asia and South America in 2020 with an expansion of its location in Yantai, China (supports the electronic and energy industry) and the introduction of a new center of global excellence in Rionegro, Colombia (forHygiene blinds).New facilities in China and Egypt.

Sources: corporate contact, annual report, press release

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5. Long Group

Colombes, France


President e CEO: Thierry Le Hénaff

Arkema works in four business segments: adhesive solutions, advanced materials, coating solutions and intermediate products.-19 Bostik registered the decline in sales by 2.9% in a year by almost 2 billion euros (~ $ 2.4 billion).

The segment registered a 2.7%growth in the fourth quarter of 2020, although opportunities were held on construction stickers and technicians.In the first quarter of 2021, Bostik sales accelerated this growth rate to € 555 million (~ 677.2 my $ $).

"In the first quarter of 2021, sales to the adhesive solutions segment increased 7.8% compared to the first quarter of 2020, which is mainly due to increased volume," says a company source."The impulse remained in construction and the brilliant markets are strong, and the segment also benefited from the recovery of industrial markets in high performance adhesives."

In the fall of 2020, Arkema announced that it opened a new adhesive system in Japan that should allow Bostik to operate its Japanese customers in the areas of diaper, hygiene, packaging, labeling, transportation and electronics.Adhesive solutions of the segment through acquisitions, by which 2020 purchases such as Lip Bynings Artikers such as, Fixatti and Ideal Work are made. Until, Bostik has invested in Crackless Monomer Co.In 2021, he assumed the command and announced that he wants to take over the Texas sticker.

Sources: corporate contact, annual report, press release

6. Sika Ag

BAAR, Switzerland


CEO: Thomas Hasler

Sika employs nearly 25,000 people worldwide and has reached a total net sales of almost 7.9 billion CHF (~ 8.8 billion US dollars).4% compared to 2019.

Sika did not respond to queries on details for glue/sealing agents, but cited adhesive systems as one of five nuclear technologies (along with concrete technology, coating systems, cement systems and thermoplastic systems).Net product turnover for the 2020 company was about 6.4 billion ICC (~ 7.2 billion US dollars), which corresponds to 81.7% of total sales in the year.Almost 13% back to about 1.4 billion CHF (~ ~ $ 1.6 billion).

Sika's target markets include: concrete, impermeable, ceiling, construction finish, floor covering, sealing and connection, renovation and industry.The group produces stickers and seals as well as related products.Structural adhesives and various offers for the construction of envelopes.

Sources: Annual reports, corporate websites, press release

7. RPM International Inc.

Medina, Ohio


President and CEO: Frank C. Sullivan

Active RPM in four business segments: Construction Products Group (which constitutes 34%of net sales for the financial year 2020), the Consumer Group (35%), the Performance Coating Group (20%) and the groupspecial products (11%).In the financial year of 2020 (finally on May 31, 2020), at 1%to 5.5 billion US dollars.Organic turnover decreased 0.8%, while the acquisition of 1.1%and foreign currencies translation by 1.3%reduced.Regional is Predominantly RPM in North America (75%of the Net Fogel 2020 turnover), followed by Europe (17%), South America (4%), Asian-Pacific (3%) and Africa/Middle East (1%).

The company did not provide specific details of the sealing stickers/agents.-Warmstard, as well as in the US for wall and wood repair products.

By 2020, RPM had several departments to create the Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG Trem).Willseal (School International Co., LLC) and climate coverage technologies.

Sources: Corporate Site, Consolidated Financial Results, Book of Facts

8.Linec Corp.

Tokyo, Japan

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President and CEO: Makoto Hattori

LINESC recorded a decline in net turnover for the 2021 fiscal year (finally on March 31, 2021), which is mainly due to global pandemic, although the demand for its products in semiconductors and electronics was consistently robust.The group employs more than 4,900 world people around the world.Investment in F&E decreased slightly in the 2021 exercise.

Linec works in three business segments: print and industrial materials (seals and labels stickers, automotive adhesives, industrial adhesive tapes, films for various final uses and other products);Electronic and optical products (bands of semiconductor and multi -charged ceramic capacitors, display bands and other products);and paper and converted products.Mactac is part of the segment for industrial and printing materials (listed separately*).

(*Editor's Note: Since Mactac, Linec's US subsidiary, stickers/sealing details provided and asked them to be retained.)

Sources: Corporate Site, Consolidated Financial Results, Book of Facts

9. Illinois Tool Works Inc.

GlenView, Il.


President and CEO: E. Scott Santi

ITW is organized in seven business segments, two of which produce two related stickers and products.The company did not answer questions about adhesive/sealant details.

With an operating revenue of 2020 worth US $ 2 billion (15.9% of the total ITW 2020 income), the test electronics and measurement segment manufactures sensitive stickers for electronics, doctors, transport and telecommunications markets(Under many other products).

The ITW segment of polymers and fluids, which represented 12.7% of total sales for the year, produces stickers and sealing agents for industrial, construction and consumer markets (among other things).$ 1.6 billion, a decline of 2.8% compared to 2019.

Sources: Annual Report, Company website

10. Huntsman Corp.

Die Woodlands, Texas


President, President E CEO: Peter R. Huntsman

Huntsman's department of advanced materials "offers special poxide, acrylic and polymer resin systems based on polyurethane and adhesive products."Laut Simon Tering, head of business development, was $ 840 million.

The Department of Advanced Materials has made 14% of Huntsman's total $ 6 billion sales.The decline of the company in sales of the year attributed to reduced sales volumes in all markets, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In November 2020, Huntsman announced that his India -based DIY consumer stickers at Pidilitis Industries Ltd.Vandido. The cash transaction was classified up to $ 285 million.

Sources: corporate contact, annual report, press release

11. DuPont

Wilmington, Del.


CEO: Ed Breen

Company -Mom: Dupont de Nemours, Inc.

According to various strategic sales, Dupont works with three business segments: electronics and industry, water and protection, as well as mobility and materials.Laut from a company source, 2020 revenues for stickers, sealing agents and related products were $ 750 million.

"Dupont mobility and materials have connected our clients and colleagues to the aggressive business recovery of Covid-19-Pandemic," says Christophe Van Herrereseghe, Director of Global Marketing for Advanced Mobility and Materials at Dupont."In the mobility sector, we see an increase in increasing demand for demand according to electric vehicles. Lightweight, safety, durability and performance are also important factors for these aspiring vehicles, supported by structural and thermal adhesive technology. And start our new materialBetatech ™ thermal interface this year.

“We have tried a particularly high demand for these and other automotive stickers and react with $ 35 million in a new installation in China and prolonged capacities supply facilities in Europe.Prospects in North America are also optimistic, and demand in China is already again before Coviden. "

Sources: corporate contact, performance presentation

12. Wacker Chemie AG

Munich, Germany


President E CEO: Christian Hartel, Ph.D.

Wacker's total revenue decreased by 5% by 2020, mainly due to Covid 199 pandemic to nearly 4.7 billion euros (~ 5.7 billion US dollars).Including liquids, resins, elastomers, syllane and pyrogenic silicon dioxide for industries such as construction, construction, medicine, electronics and transportation.The company has not provided any specific financial information related to adhesive/sealing agents.

According to a company source, Wacker Silicones is a completely integrated supplier of single -piece silicone seals, in the construction area, the company's syndicated hybrid polymers offer several options in sealing formulations and offer unique properties as adhesive.

Sustainability is one of the most important factors for future growth, the source reports.That's why the company started elastasil©Eco, a range of silicone compression products based on fossil methanol.

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Sources: corporate contact, annual report

13. Berry Global Inc.

Evansville, Ind.


President and CEO: Tom Salmon

Berry Global produces stickers, sealing agents and band products for industries such as packaging and construction.The company's band business, traditionally departed from the materials segment, has recently been transferred to the health segment, hygiene and specialties to use synergies that are not used to segment products are connected.

By 2020, Berry Global's total revenues reached $ 11.7 billion, which was a 32% increase compared to the previous year.Growth was mainly attributed to acquisitions;The organic volume increased by 2%.Net turnover in the segment for developed materials, 8%decreased to about $ 2.3 billion.

Sources: Annual Report, Presentation of Investors

14. Pidilite Industries Ltd.

from Mumbai


Vortzer: Madhukar Parekh

Pidilit reached a total net sales of 7,251 rules (~ 994.9 million) (closed on March 31, 2021) in its financial year 2021;This corresponds to a decline of 2.4% compared to the previous financial year.F & e Centers in India and also as a Research and Development Center in Singapore and the US. You have a production facilities in the US, Thailand, Dubai, Brazil, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Pidilitis businesses comprise three industry segments: consumer and bazaar products (81.2%of total financial year revenues of 2021), business -a -to -Business Products (18%) and others (0.8%).The consumer of segment and products Bazaar produce stickers and sealing agents (54.2%of total sales for the financial year 2021), construction and color chemicals (19.9%), as well as art materials and crafts(7.1%).Commercial products include industrial adhesives (5.7%), industrial resins and abdominal emissions (6.4%), as well as pigments and preparations (5.9%).

In November 2020, the Huntsman Pidilitis in India in India acquired a baccolage consumer adhesive business in a $ 285 million transaction."Araldite is an iconic brand and epoxy -glued market in India," said Apurva Parekh, executive director of Pidilitis "We are grateful for all the support that Huntsman Group has expanded and we are confident that our association will remain strong in the future."

Sources: Presentation of the company analyst, company website, communicated to the press

15. Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.



CEO: elic hsu

Among other things, Nan Pao produces shoe ceilings, as well as other special and hot registration stickers.Laut Roy Cheng, US Department Manager, exceeded the income of stickers, sealing agents and related products by $ 401 million.

"Compared to 2019, the COVID 19 pandemic in the first half of 2020 led to a distortion of normal ingestion patterns," he says." - Commerce channels have overthrown the rear safety turnover. Hot fusion sticker striking for hygiene and construction, as well as stickers and label stickers, supports the performance of the upper line. In total, the income of stickers/agentssealing fell 11% throughout the course of the year. "

NAN PAO projects the growth of sales/sealant sales to 2021 with non -compliance possibilities, ligaments and labels, flexible packaging, textiles and wood processing."We changed fewer types of higher volume product products and production races to get higher sustainable sustainable gross locations," says Cheng.

The company employs more than 2,900 people and operates factories and subsidiaries in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore and Australia.The turnover in 2020 came from: mainland China, 35%;Taiwan, 20%;Vietnam, 24%;Australia, 13%and Southeast Asia (except Vietnam), 8%.

By 2020, NAN PAO invested US $ 17.9 million for F&E Sticker/Sealing Agents, an increase of 12% compared to 2019. "We will systematically maintain innovation to apply existing nuclear technology to options for optionsNew products, "says Cheng."Therefore, suppose that F&E editions for F&E sealing for 2021 are probably similar to 2020".

Sources: company source, company website, investor presentation


Detmold, Germany


Director's Board of Directors: Kolus Kollmann, Ralph Nitscheke and Christian Terlhot, Ph.D.

Jowat was founded in 1919 and manages stores worldwide in 23 connected companies and sales in 80 countries.In 2021, the company received the Axia Best Managed Company award for the second consecutive time.

"The company's best manager award acknowledges German middle -class companies, which are exemplary of what is just called the economy's backbone," said Mischa Tschopp, the market chief of market and international Austria of Credit Suisse, one of the organizers, one of the organizers, one of the organizersSuisse credit.“Even in exceptional times, companies like Jowat not only survive the pressure, but also prosper but also prosper.They open a way to the future in times of crisis, recognizing the growing urgency of new developments, such as digitization and sustainability implement useful for society. "

Strategic vision, innovative strength, a culture of sustainable leadership and good management of the company: these are the areas where companies that compete for the Axia Best Managed Company prize need to perform with excellent.The winners are selected by a jury by representatives of the company, science and the media.

"It is very honored to be recognized as the best company," said Ralf Nitschke, Jowat SE Administrative Director."The award also assures us that our strategic approach, which is led by sustainability with our employees and business partners is a way for the future."

Sources: corporate contact, company website, press release


Stow, Ohio

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CEO: Edward LaForge

Company -Mom: Linec Corp.*

Mactac creates sensitive stickers to pressure and related products such as ligaments and movies.The company employs 500 people in North America.

"We expect significant growth [in 2021] due to the introduction of new products and the strong general demand of the market," says Janet Page, senior marketing manager."The latest purchase of Duamark (Ritama US) products will diversify our adhesive platforms and ours the reach will be diverse to expand new customer markets."

The acquisition of Duamark by Mactac included institutions in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Moore, S. C. employing 170 employees.Mactac plans to expand, F&E, quality and production in these facilities, including a significant number of new jobs.

(*Publisher Note: A LINEC list is included separately.)

Sources: corporate contact, company website, press release

18. Ashland performance stickers

Dublin, Ohio


CEO: Guillermo Novo

Company -Mom: Ashland Global Holdings, Inc.

The performance adhesives segment creates pressure and structural sensitive adhesives, as well as laminated adhesives and coatings.The most important markets include packaging, transportation and construction.

Net turnover for the segment decreased about 10%by 2020 to US $ 310 million, especially to lower volumes as a result of the 19 pandemic Covid regions.like Latin -American and others (2%).

In May 2021, Ashland announced that he would carry out a strategic review of the performance adhesive segment.In a press release, the company's CEO Guillermo Novo said he would expect the combination of strong financing, low interest rates and improvement in global macroeconomic conditions to expect to create a support plan for a potential sale of the business unit.

Sources: corporate contact, annual report, press release

19. Delo -Industrieklebstoffe

Windach, Germany


Board of Directors: Wolf-Diettrich Herold, PH.D.;Sabine Herold;Robert Saller

Delo reached revenues in the financial year of 2021 (finally on March 31, 2021)."Despite Covid 19's global pandemic and resulting essential demand fluctuations, Delo generated sales of € 167 million [~ 203.9 million] growth compared to the euros of the previous year [~ 199Millions of $], "says Matthiatollberg, corporate head of communication." Particularly strong growth and two -digit sales was recorded in Japan and South Korea.

Regionally, about half of deloin sales were reached in Europe and North America in its financial year of 2021, with the remaining part of Asia.I heard: Entertainment Electronics, 30%;Automobile 25%;and semiconductor, 20%.

Delo kept his F&E editions throughout the calendar year of 2020, with about 15% of his annual revenue.Stollberg expected this output level to continue until 2021.

By 2020, the dealer concentrated in particular on high-tech adhesives that are actually multifunctional polymeric materials with additional properties, "says Stollberg."Examples are sensitive adhesives for liquid pressure, adhesives such as compensation compounds and light adhesives for the production of liquid additive.

Currently, Delo employs 820 people.During the financial year of 2021, Delo commissioned a new production room with an area of about 8,000 m2And several production lines.The company founded a subsidiary in Malaysia to strengthen existing activities.

Source: Corporate Contact, Company website, press release

20. General Selants, Inc.

Industry City, California.


CEO: Brad Boyle

According to Patrick Boyle, president and director of operations, General Sealant's net revenues had decreased by 11% in 2020 compared to 2019. However, the company is optimistic about growth in 2021.

Net sales to general sealants increased 74% by 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, and sales will probably remain strong for the rest of 2021, ”he says.

The company produces products such as butyl bands, several sealants (eg polysulfto, polyolefin, polyacril, silicone and more) and vacuum bag ligaments.All -all sealing races around the world;More than 60% of customers are outside the United States.

F & E and General sealant expenses increased by about 10%by 2020.Boyle assumes that it will also increase by 2021.

Sources: corporate contact, corporate site

Editorial team note: It isbutThe Top 20 is partially based on financial information available to the public, including sales/annual revenues, as well as details that were delivered by corporate contacts and other sources.The information was verified, if possible, but in some cases the glue/seal was estimated.Companies retained on request.

If specific and verifiable information was not provided and the reference materials were not easily available, some companies unfortunately had to be left out.butMain classification lists, contact Susan Sutton, editor-in-chief, (248) 786-1704suttons@bnpmedia.com.


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